Exatlon România premiered on January 7th 2018 on Kanal D Romania.

The show that is hosted by Cosmin Cernat has enjoyed a steady rise to the top of the rating charts and has around 15% share. 

The third season of Exatlon Romnia has been on air since January 12th 2019 for 2 days a week.


Exatlón México has been on Azteca Tv Channel since its premiere on September 17th 2017. Hosted by Antonio Rosique, Exatlon Mexico is on air 5 days a week, and has tremendous popularity in Mexican TV. It recorded the highest ratings several weeks in a row with up to 25% share.

The second season of Exatlon Mexico ended on February 11th 2019.


Exatlón Colombia premiered on 30th April 2018 at Canal RCN. The series had its grand finale on September 7th 2018.

The USA:

Exatlón Estados Unidos started broadcasting on July 17th 2018. It is on air six days a week on Telemundo Channel.

Hosted by Erasmo Provenza the show has kept the viewers on the edge of their seats since its premiere and on May 12th 2019, ended its second season with 625K viewers at the finale night.


Exatlon Hungary had its premiere on TV2 on January 2nd 2019. Gaining magnificent success by showcasing great moments for the audience, the show ended its first season on April 22nd 2019.


Exathlon Brasil on Band TV Channel, hosted by Luis Ernesto Lacombre aired 4 days a week from  September 25th 2017 until  December 15th 2017.